The ancient Indian seers perceived that the cosmos is not a mere material formation but an expression of the spirit. They uncovered the cosmic framework embodying the Divine plan for humanity. The Sanskrit word “Jyotish-Shastra” means a subject that finds “Jyoti” or “Light” in the human life to get unified with the Supreme Soul after series of long journeys through repeated births. Indian Jyotish and mythology aims at describing the complex relationship between the outer world and the inner spirit. It informs us of our psychological needs and issues, our spiritual lessons, and our gifts, while supplying a framework within which to understand life. It demonstrates that we are connected to a Greater Whole—that we do not function separately but that we do function uniquely. And it demonstrates that life is meaningful, while explaining the meaning of each life.


The subject is vast and our time limited. Let us delve into the depths of time or collect the pearls of philosophy which can act as a guiding lighthouse on a stormy night. This blog is not about learning astrology or making predictions. This blog is about experiencing this mystic science.

As Above … So Below.

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